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Revamp the NRD and Immigration Department: Patrick

Datuk Patrick Sindu
Datuk Patrick Sindu

KOTA KINABALU: Human rights activist Datuk Patrick Sindu calls for the Federal Government to revamp the Sabah Immigration Department and National Registration Department (JPN) which he alleged have been tainted with questionable identification cards issuance.

The ‘cleaning’ of both departments is crucial in preventing similar cases from tarnishing the reputation of government departments.

“From the information we read in newspapers recently, there were several Lahad Datu Immigration Department officers who were arrested for suspicion of issuing questionable social visit passes to Pakistan citizens.

“The government must clear these departments from any officials and employees who are irresponsible to make sure it will not happen again.

“Maybe what we have read in the newspapers is only partial; there could be more people involved,” he said here, yesterday.

“In the effort to track down and deport illegal immigrants (PATI) in Sabah, we must also clean the two departments from irresponsible people who only think about money and self interests,” Patrick commented.

Recently, the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, quoted as saying the state government will not compromise with any actions which are against the integrity and law among the government officials.

In this regard, the state government wants the related authority to take stern actions towards the four immigration officers who are held in Lahad Datu, suspected for issuing questionable social visit passes to foreigners to live in the state.

“If found guilty, the maximum punishment must be given to make it a lesson for other parties,” he said.

Four immigration officers aged 29 to 56 years old working in Lahad Datu Immigration Department, arrested on last Monday (2 Feb) following the reports of Pakistan citizens given questionable social visit passes to live in the state.

They are remanded for a week since Monday to help with the investigation according to Section 17(a) of Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 for bribery.

Commenting on the Operasi Bersepadu Khas Besar-Besaran launched in Eastern Sabah Security Zone (ESSZONE), Patrick said, “I received information that the main market in the ESSZONE area especially in Tawau, Lahad Datu, Semporna, and Sandakan are quite deserted.”

“I hope that this operation is not only launched in the Sabah East Coast but also across the state to prevent PATI from hiding in other areas, and to ensure our state free of PATI.

He also supports the state government efforts under the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman leadership which has given their best effort in solving the PATI issue in Sabah. – SayangSabah.



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