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Reunion: fostering friendships

The celebrants group photographs
The celebrants group photographs

Reunions  have frequently been depicted in comedy of errors where a group of people meet and an eruption of emotions are showed. In films the emotions shown are usually depressing with hatred or guilt about an unfulfilled past; or former nerds versus former cheerleaders.

However in yesterday’s reunion of about 30 childhood friends from Kampung Bambangan Inanam and the surrounding villages such as Kionsom, Nountun and Sinulihan, it was a blast from the past, and the friends,  just took up where they left off. This was quite a feat as some had not met one another for 30 years and more.

Initiated by Doreen Chin through the social media Whatsapp, the reunion was a prime example of solidarity among the baby boomers, born in the late 1950s to early 1960’s. This group of children were born between the onset of western education and beliefs, yet still at the tail end of their traditional and cultural way of life.

Many in this group relate to the traditional past before monotheism set in and thus the uniqueness of this group was manifested through the reunion; the chatter about their children no longer being able to empathise with the traditional way of life, or cultural norm may actually be a turning point to a new generation of people.

The participants in the event
The participants in the event

The reunion enabled old friends to meet and to keep up with their respective development through the years. They talked about their children and their grandchildren; some shared their hopes and fears. If one looked hard enough, one can still see the friends as they were when they ventured into jungles to pick wild fruits or swam in the river without any cares 40 years ago.

Talks about these adventures peppered their chats, and reminiscing seemed to be the order of the moment. Indeed, this reunion should be a prime example of all reunions, be it school or childhood mates. One aspect for sure, they proved movies and literature wrong about such gatherings. There was nothing but solidarity, rapport, friendship and understanding in this event.

Be that as it may, the singing and dancing as well as eating and chatting lasted well into the night. It ended with a pledge to meet again.-Sayangsabah.


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