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Refrain from open burning during dry season

8:24pm 23/02/2016 Raimrod Usop 2 views Crime & Court,Local
A bush fire

A bush fire

KENINGAU: The public in the district are advised not to recklessly throw cigarette butts or start open burning at dry areas in order to prevent fire incident.

Keningau JBPM Department Chief, Mudi Pangiran, said the public especially smokers need to be careful when disposing their cigarette butt as to prevent fire from occurring during drought season.

He said the attitude of some individuals who throw cigarette butts everywhere can cause bush fire especially during dry season, and subsequently leading to loss of properties.

“For those who burn cleared areas for farming activities, they need to ensure it is safe to do so as to prevent fire from spreading to nearby areas,” he said when contacted yesterday.

If left uncontrolled, he said this problem can contribute to haze and affect public health. –SayangSabah


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