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Puspanita has role in managing family

1:22pm 19/01/2016 Raimrod Usop 0 views Current Issue,Local
Fredian with Nabawan Puspanita members.

Fredian with Nabawan Puspanita members.

NABAWAN: Puspanita has a huge role in helping husbands to manage and balancing family expenditure, especially in handling the increase in the cost of living that are faced by all layers of society today.

Nabawan District Officer, Fredian Gan, said as a public officer, Puspanita also carries the responsibility as a wife and mother.

“As the manager of family, Puspanita members need to play their role in increasing their family’s economy situation,” he said during officiating the 20th Nabawan Puspanita Grand Meeting, at the meeting room of Batu Punggul District Office, recently.

Fredian who is Nabawan Puspanita advisor suggested for Puspanita members to make small garden to grow vegetables and keeping livestock for their personal use.

He also asks for Puspanita to continue their efforts in increasing membership and holding activities to improve members’ relations through programmes that benefit the health of family members.-SayangSabah

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