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Pursue academic success to escape poverty

Datuk Sapawi Ahmad
Datuk Sapawi Ahmad

KENINGAU: Opportunities for students especially for those from the rural areas should be an encouragement for them to push for excellence in education.

The advice was given by the director of Sabah Foundation (KYS), Datuk Sapawi Ahmad, to the students living at KYS hostel, here.

Sapawi said the privilege to live at the hostel opens up space for students to get more focused for their studies.

“Only a handful of students are able to get the same opportunity and when they do it should not be wasted,” he said, adding that there are parents who hoped for their children to be selected to live in hostels.

Sapawi visited the facility to attend the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration with the hostel residents. Previously he attended the PDCB event at Kg. Sinaron,Sook, and the meeting for chairmen in Sabah Foundation Zone.

He said students at the hostel must realize that their parents hope for them to be successful in their academics.

“Do not disappoint them or the family. To get out from the clutches of poverty, academic achievement is important and students must realize that their parents allow them to live in hostel as to ensure their success in education,” he added.

Besides from able to focus in their studies, Sapawi said the students in the hostel must also learn higher discipline, and mould their character to become more committed in pursuing success. – SayangSabah


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