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Promote Taiji as tourism sport

Taiji Master in a pose. - Photo by Bosco Wong/SayangSabah
Taiji Master in a pose. – Photo by Bosco Wong/SayangSabah

KOTA KINABALU: The Funei Taiji should be promoted as a tourism sport in Sabah.

Master Li Zheng a practitioner of the arts said this sport have a long traditional history and could help promote tourism especially from competitors which would include their entourage and families.

As with the Dragon Boat and Lion Dance, this could also ensure the preservation of Chinese Culture in this part of the world, he said.

“I proposed that the State organise a Southeast Asia level competition before expanding to other regions,” he stated adding that the competition could ensure active interest in the arts as with the dragon boat race and lion dance.

He reiterated that it could be an annual affair with Government allocations on par with the two other Chinese traditional sports.
Li Zheng who is the fifth generation to inherit the Yang Style and Sixth generation of Funei Taiji stated that Taiji is a form of exercise and art of self-defence popular among enthusiasts in this part of the world.

However, they probably never heard of ‘Fu Nei Pai Taiji’ other than the popular Yang Taiji style.

Funei Taiji was once locked secretly in the Imperial Palace and only opened to the public after the downfall of the Chin Dynasty.

Aggressively promoted and researched in China presently, although most people were not aware that Yang Taiji was actually derived from Funei Taiji.

Li Zheng whose hometown is in Zhuhai on the southern coast of Guangdong province China was in the State Capital to meet his senior students as well as attend the wedding reception of the Persatuan Funei Li Taiji Kota Kinabalu president Dato’ Seri Winston Liaw eldest son.

“Funei Taiji set foot in Sabah 15 years ago.Two local practitioners David U and Andrew Wong contacted me after watching the VCD on Yang Taiji 85 steps they bought during a transit in Guangzhou airport in May 2004, while waiting for a flight back to Kota Kinabalu.”

To date, Li Zheng said he had trained five qualified instructors in Sabah to promote this martial art that boasted 3,000 years of history.

Yang Taiji practitioners basically practiced the 85 steps as taught by Master Yang Cheng Fu. However, his grandfather, Master Yang Lu Chan who was the originator of the Yang Family Taiji taught the 10 sets movement when he was teaching in the Imperial Palace.

Meanwhile, Winston said to date they have about 100 members and still lacked of proper premises.

Training sessions starts from 6.30am to 7.30am daily at Taman Ujana Rimba Tropika at mile 21/2 Penampang road here.

“We welcome members of the public to join us with a nominal fee of RM10 per month,” he said. Sarawak and the Peninsular Malaysia could look forward to their establishing a group there in future. – By Bosco Wong/SayangSabah


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