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Programme for convicts to meet with families



KOTA KINABALU: Jalinan Kasih Penghuni Penjara was celebrated by families of prison inmates, in conjunction with the recently passed Christmas season.

The programme is an annual event which selects four convicts and three juvenile offenders who received 90% or above for their grades in the rehabilitation programme and serve a prison term less than three years.

Kota Kinabalu Women Prison Senior Vice Commissioner, ACP Lim Kim Mooi, the programme is one of the platform for prison inmates to meet with their family.

“This programme held in conjunction of Christmas involves seven inmates that were chosen based on six months evaluation and showing good performance and only serving a jail term less than three years,” he said.

For the first time, Lim said the programme has selected a Filipino inmate married with a local and is the oldest recorded in the programme, while for juvenile category, the youngest was 18 years old.

The Jalinan Kasih programme was held at Kota Kinabalu Women Prison facility, this morning, which is accommodating 269 convicts. -SayangSabah


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