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PPK to help farmers sell their products



 David Jani

David Jani

TENOM: Tenom Farmers Association (PPK)always take proactive approaches in managing opportunities for farmers to sell their agricultural products without pressures from middlemen who tend to give low prices.

Its chairman, David Jani, said it is apparent with PPK efforts in seeking funds from Sabah Farmers’ Organization Authority (LPP) to build the agro-products collecting centre at PPK Office.

“Related agencies have given a briefing to unit chiefs on the issues in PPK Tenom, which was also attended by LPP Sabah officers. The related agencies are Sabah Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority, Agriculture Department, KPD Department of Fisheries, Department of Veterinary Services & Animal Industry, and PPK itself,” he said.

David also said that they are satisfied with the involvement of its members which are active including the youths and women in rubber, pomelo, and banana cultivation activities which are producing profits with an average of three tones production per week.

He added that its Unit is proceeding with black pepper cultivation which will be profitable in 18 months.  – SayangSabah



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