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Power outage due to object hitting transmission lines


KUCHING:  Preliminary results from the Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) technical investigation indicate that last Saturday’s outage was probably caused when an object knocked hard into transmission lines located
across the Tatau River in Bintulu.

The outage began at about 6.38pm in Kuching and was experienced in many places like Sibu and Mukah towns for a few hours.

Lu Yew Hung, Executive Vice President of SEB and Chief Executive Officer of its SESCO subsidiary said, following the incident, the exact location of the damage to the Kemena-Selangau 275kV transmission was pinpointed through a distance protection relay device.

“Immediate site inspection discovered severed wire strands (conductors) on the transmission lines, indicating a physical structure had pulled, scratched and subsequently damaged the lines,” he said in a statement here today to explain the cause.

He said SEB had mobilised its team for repairs.

“They are in the midst of a closer inspection of the affected lines by deploying drones to gather more visual information. It is possible that a barge passing underneath had not lowered its crane boom and this may have knocked against the overhead lines while navigating underneath,” he said.

Lu added that it was high tide at the time of the incident, thus increasing the possibility of this possibility although the transmission lines are at a height which meets the regulatory requirements.

According to him, there would be some risk of tripping when the line is shut-down for repair as the remaining line would be highly loaded.

“This risk will be managed by placing the technical teams on high alert at strategic locations. Our team remains vigilant and will work to restore supply within the shortest possible time, should there be an outage,” he added.-BERNAMA


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