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Police pursue a driver for running away with RM80,000 cash


KOTA KINABALU: A driver is being pursued by police after he ran away with RM80,000 cash that was kept inside a vehicle owned by his employee.

Before the incident, the complainant (suspect’s employee) was inside his car with his driver (suspect) and heading to his office at Kolombong Neutron Point, Kolombong.

Upon reaching Luyang, the complainant made a stop at Wong Kok Restaurant to have breakfast with one of his friends, while his briefcase containing RM80,000 cash was left inside his car.

The complainant then told the suspect to head directly to the office while he will be sent later by his friend.

When the complainant arrived at the office, he proceed to attend a meeting with his project manager, and only discovered the disappearance of his briefcase which was supposedly under the safekeeping of his driver.

He tried to call his driver several times but the suspect’s mobile phone was switched off.

After failing to reach his driver, the complainant rushed to his home and discovered his car at the house along with the briefcase. However, the RM80,000 cash has disappeared, believed to have been taken by his driver.

District Police Chief, ACP M. Chandra, said the complainant has made a police report and investigation is being carried out to find the suspect, Amli bin Amjan, 31, last addressed in Kolombong.

“The public who have information on the suspect are urged to come forward and inform the investigating officer, Insp. Ahamd Zulfairie via the number 013-2618487, or go to the nearby police station,” he said.

The case is investigated under Section 381 of the Penal Code for theft committed by employee against his/her employer, which carries the punishment of up to seven years jail and a fine. -SayangSabah


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