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Police investigating human organ trade syndicate

3:26pm 29/01/2016 Ann Vivien 1 views Crime & Court,National


JAKARTA:  Police are investigating a human organ trade syndicate believed to be operating at three hospitals including a government hospital here.

According to local press reports, police have confirmed the existence of the syndicate that illicitly buys and sells human organs particularly kidneys, in cohorts with unscrupulous members of the public and medical doctors.

An Indonesian Police Crime Investigation Division spokesman, Umar Surya Fana was quoted as saying that police had detained three individuals and a former convict to facilitate investigations.

Umar said the syndicate targeted the poor who are willing to sell their organs for a sum. Initial investigations revealed, an individual could earn about RM15,000 for a kidney, which would then be sold by the syndicate to a patient for up to RM100,000, he said.- BERNAMA

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