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Police investigates rumour on pengait

12:18am 05/11/2015 Raimrod Usop 36 views Crime & Court,Local


KENINGAU: Police was investigating the validity of a rumour about a curfew order being issued due to pengait (headhunters) threat that was spread in the social media.

Keningau District Police Chief, DSP Douglas Nyeging Taong, said the authority had yet to confirm the rumour  and it was still being investigated.

The rumour which went viral in social media such as Whatsapp, said a curfew order was implemented due to the presence of pengait seeking for unsuspecting victims for the construction of the Brunei Limbang-Temburong Bridge.

The rumour also claimed two bodies of children aged between 5 to 10 years old have been found headless in Belait and they were believed to be school children based on the uniforms they wore.

The rumour also advised the public to be cautious as it was alleged that the number of heads required for the bridge project were 200 for Kuala Belait, 500 for Tutong, 600 for Temburong, and 800 for Bandar Seri Begawan. -SayangSabah

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