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Police inspector found guilty of corruption


SIBU:  A police officer was found guilty by the Special Sessions Court for Corruption here, today for taking bribes in 2014 as inducements to protect illegal logging.

Insp Mohamad Nazri Daheri, 36, from the Kapit Crime Investigation Department was jailed 12 months and fined RM15,000 or three months jail under the first charge.

He was also jailed 14 months and fined RM25,000 or five months jail under the second charge and, for the third charge, he was jailed 20 months and fined RM40,000 or eight months jail.

Sessions Court judge Nixon Kennedy Kumbong ordered the sentences to be carried out consecutively but Mohamad Nazri’s lawyer, Louis Jarau asked for a postponement as an appeal on the sentences would be made soon.

Nixon allowed a postponement of the jail sentences but ordered that the total fines of RM80,000 be paid today.

Mohamad Nazri, who was detained on Oct 20, 2014 in Sibu, was charged in the court on Aug 8 last year on three counts of receiving the bribes as inducements to protect illegal logging activities in Sungai Sut in Kapit.

He was charged with receiving a bribe of RM3,000 from a man named Stephen Kon at the Tekam Cafe Restaurant, Kapit at 3.40 pm on Aug 24, 2014.

He was also charged with receiving a bribe of RM5,000 from the same man at Maybank in Kapit at 11.58 am, Sept 11, 2014.

He was also charged with receiving a bribe of RM8,000 from Stephen Kon at the River Front Café Restaurant, Kingwood Hotel in Sibu at 10.25 am, Oct 20, 2014.

Mohamad Nazri was charged under Section 17 (a) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 and punishable under Section 24 (1) of the same act which provided a maximum 20-year jail term and fine not less than five times the bribes or RM10,000 or whichever is higher, upon conviction.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission deputy public prosecutor Law Chin How and prosecution officer Katherine Nais prosecuted in the case.- BERNAMA


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