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PIBG helps improve children education

Rosnah during the event
Rosnah during the event

PAPAR: Consensus is key for Parents Teacher Association (PIBG) and schools to work together for the betterment of student’s academic performance.

Deputy of Works Minister, Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, said parents through PIBG have a role and responsibility in determining the direction of children development and their success, without relying solely on schools and its teachers.

“The relations and close cooperations between the family institution and schools need to be improved in order to face the challenges that comes in developing students’ academic performance,” she said in her speech for officiating SK Beringis PIBG Meeting, here today.

According to Rosnah, the cooperation is also inline with 2013-2025 Malaysia Education Development Plan introduced by the Education Ministry through its Parents and Teachers Programme to increase parents and private sectors’ involvement in the nation’s education sector.

Rosnah also said the facilities and contributions are for the students to study in a conducive environment as well as to give them the necessary access to improve their education.

“Various donations and contributions have been prepared by the government including text books, supplementary food aid (RMT), books vouchers, and scholarship, as a proof og the government’s commitment in producing highly competitive human resource,” she said.

She also hopes for teachers to teach diligently and encourage their students to grab every opportunites, as well as utilizing all the facilities provided by the government, and for the parents to keep supporting their children in their studies. – SayangSabah


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