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PDRM personnel must be professional

8:49pm 17/12/2015 Raimrod Usop 0 views Crime & Court,Local


KOTA KINABALU: PDRM personnel are advised not to abuse the authority given to hem and they should be professional during carrying out their duties.

Sabah Police Commissioner, Dato’ Jalaluddin Bin Abdul Rahman, was speaking during his working visit to Kota Kinabalu IPD, this morning.

“All police personnel have their authority but they must not abuse the power entrusted to them, and avoid from being emotional, and instead they must be professional in their work,” he said.

He also calls for police authority to carry out investigation in a fixed time on reports made by the public as to negate the perception of police not doing their job.

Despite the low crime index in Sabah compared to other states, he said the police need to be prepared in doing their best for their responsibilities, as well as to work as a team regardless of ranks.

For this year, crime rate in Kota Kinabalu has decreased by 8.32 percent (120 cases) since 2009. -SayangSabah

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