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PBS to attract youths participation

Radin (middle) commemorating the event
Radin (middle) commemorating the event

TENOM: Sabah Minister of Rural Development, Datuk Radin Malleh, said youths participation as PBS new members will increase the morale  of the its party members as it proves that PBS is still relevant and integral for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the state.

He urged for  youths especially from rural areas to be proactive in their involvement in government development programmes which can improve their income and condition of living.

Radin who is also Melalap State Assemblyman (ADUN),  was officiating  the Program Santai Pemimpin Bersama Belia Pemuda PDM Pamilaan Tenom, organized by PBS Youth Division N.35 Melalap, at Dewan Terbuka Sarat Kg. Pamilaan, Tenom, on last Saturday.

The programme was also attended by his wife, Datin Angelin Tom, PBS Youth Exco leader, Datuk Jake Niontien, Melalap Community Development leader, Simon Mamat, Sabah Ministry of Infrastucture Development Political Secretary, Stanis Buandi, Melalap Division PBS Youth leader; PBS Youth Exco deputy leader, Peter Chin, secretary of PBS Youth Exco, Dolsin Marindang, Melalap PBS vice chief, Angal Usit, Melalap PBS committee members, Melalap PBS Youth members, Melalap PBS Women members, and the residents of Kg. Pangi, Tenom.

Radin also accept 58 PBS membership application which was presented by Belia PDM Pamilaan Tenom representative, Murni Anastasia Joseph, at the programme.

Radin who is also the Vice President of PBS, said the party is always consistent with its struggle in championing the people interests especially the illegal immigrants problem in Sabah.

“We appreciate the government decision to set up the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah, as it is in line with PBS resolution since 1990s,” he said.

He added that the poor and low-income communities will receive various welfare donation such as the Housing Assistance Programme (PBR), and Mini Estate Sejahtera (MESEJ) development programme in Sabah, which has become a mechanism for BN to eradicate poverty in rural areas.

According to him, PBS failure to defend 6 constituencies in the last general election will become a lesson for the party to implement reform.

“PBS today focuses on diplomacy and cooperation when voicing its opinion to the government to effectively handling issues which are important for the multiracial communities in Sabah.

“Party members must understand the party main target which is to hold the governing power… this is what differentiates our party from other welfare or cultural organizations,” he stressed.

“I hope they (party members) will work together in explaining the party’s struggle to the public especially to those who are doubting our party credibility in representing the multiracial communities in the state,” he said.

Many activities were organized for the programme, such as talk sessions, friendly football match, and meet-the-leaders session.

Radin explained that these activities will improve the relation between the public and government leaders.

“Social programmes like these must be organized more often to ncrease the public interaction and support for government development agendas.

“These programmes are also a channel for party leaders to explain to the public about government policies and preventing them from being influenced by the opposition.

He cited BN slim victory at PDM Pamilaan in the last general election as a lesson for PBS members to cooperate in increasing support for the party for the next general election.

“Eventhough Pamilaan constituency have a KDM majority of 90 percent, BN won with only 10 votes gap. This is our lesson to increase support for BN for the next general election,” he said.

“I believe that if all members understand and uphold the party struggle, it will solidify their loyalty for the party and guarantees a victory for PBS in the next general election,” he added. – SayangSabah


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