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PBS united under BN

Dr Yee (third right) and divisions leaders in high spirit.
Dr Yee (third right) and divisions leaders in high spirit.

KOTA KINABALU : PBS Deputy President and N.15 Api-Api Division Head Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai, called on PBS members to stay united in overcoming any challenges and obstacles for the good of the party and for the people of Sabah.

Speaking at the PBS N. 14 Likas, N.15 Api-Api , and N.16 Luyang Division AGM, he said it was  important for them to stay united,  as the opposition were currently fragmented and fighting among themselves leading to the breakup of Pakatan Rakyat, so they should avoid doing the same under Barisan Nasional.

Acknowledging that there are problems currently faced by BN such as the issue against some leaders with some comments made that are not favourable to the image of BN, he is confident that in the spirit of BN all this can be resolve amicably through the principle of consensus decision making.

Dr Yee also call upon members to continue serving the rakyat and to carry out its responsibility to society even though election is only in two years time.

He added that although he is no longer a wakil rakyat, he still continue to serve the people whenever people call him asking for assistance, and all this is done without much publicity as he is sincere in wanting to help and serve the people.-Sayangsabah



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