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Participation real victory


KOTA KINABALU: Winning medals is not the measure of success and all that matters in Special Olympics because the real victory is the participation of the special athletes.

Special Olympics Sabah (SOS) chairman Datuk Safari Manan said Special Olympics is unique than other sporting programmes because it promotes the importance togetherness, involvement and participation.

Safari in his welcoming remarks for the four Sabah athletes and two coaches said: “Ong (Chee Gian) told me just now, ‘sorry I didn’t do very well and feel disappointed’ but I told him your success is not going to be measured by medals as most people do in other sports.”

“But in fact your participation and outing with all the people around the world, that is the real victory,” cheered Safari during the welcoming dinner reception for the Sabah team at a hotel in Sembulan on Wednesday.

“Imaging if without Special Olympics…Aini, Jason, Ong and Faridah will not be in Los Angeles. The coaches, escorts, volunteers and parents who accompanied them are also the winners because they groomed them to be the champions,” said Safari, adding that people working behind the scene such as Special Olympics Sabah had also made their dream possible.-Sayangsabah



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