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Papampres detained for drug possesion

11:24am 12/01/2016 Ann Vivien 1 views Current Issue,National
Kualanamu Airport in Medan

Kualanamu Airport in Medan

JAKARTA: A presidential security force (Paspampres)personnel was detained at Kualanamu Airport in Medan yesterday on suspicion of drug possession.

The local press today quoted Kualanamu Airport police spokesman Wisnu Budi as saying that 0.38 gram of syabu was found inside the hat worn by the suspect.

An airport security personnel detected the drug while the suspect was passing through the airport security scanner, said the spokesman.

He said initial investigations revealed the Paspampres personnel was travelling on his own from Medan to Jakarta.

According to him, the man was brought to the Indonesian Army military police station in Medan for further investigations.- BERNAMA

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