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Painting for cancer patients therapy

breast cancer

KUALA LUMPUR: “Painting has become one of the therapy  treatments for me, it gives me peace of mind and makes me forget all the pain and anxiety,” said breast cancer survivor, Datin Alice Chai, 60.

Chai who was diagnosed with third stage breast cancer nine years ago (2006) said her hobby inspired her to remain positive during the fight against the disease.

After realising the positive effect painting had brought into herself, Chai decided to share her ability by teaching cancer patients and former cancer patients at the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) in 2012.

“By having the ‘Chinese Ink Painting’ club at NCSM, at least we can spend time together, and this activity clearly helps us forget all worries and and takes our minds off the adverse effects from the treatment.

“In addition, the paintings that we produce are also sold. It contributes back to NCSM, this is (one of) the ways of charity to help and support the cancer survivors and (gives) benefit to the cancer patients,” she said when met at the Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition at the Kuala Lumpur Craft Centre (KLCC) today.

Another former breast cancer patient, Cynthia Teoh, 59, said life had become much better after she got a chance to be involved in the painting club since it was established three years ago.

“This is our first exhibition, 22 people have produced their paintings, the price range is about RM400 and above per piece. So the art lovers can come here to support us,” she said.

Meanwhile, KLCC Indusry Development Division director Abdul Manan Ismail said the corporate social responsibility activity undertaken by the centre in collaboration with NCSM was to help raise awareness about cancer among the public. – BERNAMA


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