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Operations against illegal connections

Sesi sidang media mengenai operasi bersepadu bagi membanteras penyambungan elektrik secara haram di kawasan setinggan.
The press conference on joint operations on illegal electrical wiring connections

SANDAKAN, The Energy Commission is conducting a three-day operation in the Sandakan district from tomorrow against illegal electrical wiring connections.

Its director (Sabah West Coast Area), Nazlin Ab Alim Sadiki said those responsible for making the illegal connections would be prosecuted.

“Stern action has to be taken against them because their irresponsible action can kill other people,” he told reporters after chairing a meeting on the operation here today.

Also present were Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCom) Commander Datuk Abd Rashid Harun and Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) senior manager (Asset Management) Muhamad Nazri Pazil. Nazlin aid the operation, to focus on squatter areas, would be expanded to other districts.

Meanwhile, Abd Rashid said ESSCom would assist SESB, in terms of security monitoring, throughout the operation period.

“The issue on electricity theft not only causes SESB to suffer losses, but also endangers people’s lives,” he added.

According to Nazri, there are 111 squatter areas in the state where residents were believed to have made illegal wiring connection.

Recently, fireman Apolos Jeromos, 25, was killed when he was electrocuted while dousing the flame of a forest fire at Taman Kenari, Batu 7, Sandakan.

Jeromos was killed when he stepped on an illegal live wire connection from a pump house to the nearby squatter area.- BERNAMA


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