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Owner of House of Jovian Mandagie boutique, Jovian Mandagie
Owner of House of Jovian Mandagie boutique, Jovian Mandagie

KOTA KINABALU – Malaysia well-known designer, Jovian Mandagie claimed to be the only local brand who has a proper boutique in Kinabalu.

He emphasised that his House of Jovian Mandagie (HoJM) boutique has no competition with other boutique in KK.

In this respect he decided to open HoJM boutique after receiving high demand from Sabahan customer since eight years ago.

“Now, my customers don’t have to travel to Kuala Lumpur in order to buy my collection and I don’t have to do any services in suite room hotel for them anymore,” he said.

According to Jovian, his HoJM boutique was visited by many locals since it open its doors to to the public.

“The House of Jovian Mandagie already received orders for wedding dresses and corporate uniforms on its first day,” he added.

He shared that 20 percent of his clients were Sabahan and the number is equal with his Singaporean clients.

“Some of the customers that came here thanked me and said that their fashion looked colourful and I’m so proud of that,” he said.

He had been doing two years research and study on Sabahan culture and their expenses on clothes before opening his own HoJM in KK.

“Most of my couture designs are based on Sabahan culture and I had gone through lots of shop before deciding on the pricing. Indeed, my price collections are affordable to Sabahan customer,” he added.

The price range for HoJM ready-to-wear collection starts from RM 150 until RM 650 available on the ground floor and first floor, while HoJM couture collection on second floor is RM 3000 and above due to its exclusive services for customers.

He added that he would be visiting his HoJM twice a month and interact with his loyal customers.- By Saila Saidie/Sayangsabah



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