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No students involved with gang activities in Sabah

M Chandra
M Chandra

KOTA KINABALU: No students were found involved with gangsterism in schools in Sabah, especially Kota Kinabalu.

District Police Chief, ACP M. Chandra, said currently the police have not detected any school students involved with such activity.

He was speaking to the media after launching the Remaja Berwawasan Programme at SM La Salle, this morning.

“The police have yet to detect students’ involvement in any gang activities; except for vandalism, which could be caused by immaturity and influence from the social media,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chandra said the implementation of the programme is part of the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) implemented with the cooperation from selected schools, police, and the national armed forces.

“40 students selected from each schools will undergo the programme, together with police or soldiers twice a month,” he added.

The programme include workshops, visit to the police station or army camp, and monthly drill at schools which will mould students’ characters and preparing them as a potential leader in the future.

Chandra also said students and parents will be called by the police to give them feedback about the programme for its second phase, which will be launched after receiving positive response from related parties.

The programme is planned to be operated for two years, involvingForm 2 and Form 4 students from SM La Salle, and SMT Kota Kinabalu. –SayangSabah



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