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No panic buying before GST

Shoppers situation at supermarket.
Shoppers situation at the supermarket.

KOTA KINABALU – There is no panic buying happening in shopping complexes, here today.

A visit to several supermarkets has shown the numbers of shoppers are normal.

Nurlina Abdullah, 53, who is one of the shoppers in Giant today, said that she will only buy few amount of daily necessities for her family instead of stocking up.

“I won’t buy too many of these items since I’m not a high income earner. I haven’t received my wages and I don’t have too much money to buy much” she said.

A shawl business owner, Azizah Safian, 49, who happened to shop for items in the same market said that panic buying is not supposed to happen and people should remain calm as Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be implemented anyway.

“There’s no reason to be extremely frighten with this condition since GST will be implemented anyway and public should learn to live with that. Perhaps, government should try to do trial on GST implementation for a month or two which will give citizen more time to get prepared,” she said.

According to Nicholas Lim, 31, he will buy as little as possible.

“We as citizens of Malaysia have never encountered GST before and we don’t have a clue how it’s going to be like.”

His friend, Saiful Anuar, 27, said he has no preparation for GST due to limited knowledge on GST implementation.

The scenario in Kota Kinabalu is different compared to Kuala Lumpur as broadcasted on TV.

It was announced that; “With only two days left before its implementation, antsy shoppers in Kuala Lumpur have gone into panic buying mode fearing that the price of goods would be more expensive, when the new tax regime comes into effect.”-By Saila Saidie/Sayangsabah



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