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Murder among them, fear gripped town

knife and blood

TAPAH: Gripped by fear, local residents are worried for their safety over the chilling disclosure by Tapah police that a local mechanic and his family were linked to the brutal killings of at least, four people.

According to a private medical practitioner, the fear could stem from the fact that Tapah is seeing its first case of multiple murders.

Met here today, Dr Bajan Singh said he was aware many people thought twice about venturing out at night, in view of the multiple murders.

He said one of the four people alleged to have been murdered was a farmer and broker in Chenderiang whom he knew for 25 years. The doctor last met the man on Aug 20 this year.

“On that day, the man came with his son who wanted to have a health check-up before pursuing further studies in India. Later, when the man was reported missing, I thought he was involved in a road accident or had a heart attack.”

“We looked for him all over the place, especially at an oil palm plantation where he was harvesting fruit but failed to locate him. He simply disappeared into thin air…until we received news that he could be one of the four victims of the cruel killings,” he said.

Meanwhile, a man who declined to be identified, said the mechanic’s 20-year-old son was a ‘hot head’ who easily became angry if anyone upset his father.

According to the 31-year-old, who was a regular customer at the mechanic’s workshop, the son would appear normal but would become enraged when his father was scolded.

“His (The mechanic’s) son would assault anyone who scolded his father. He is definitely hot tempered but we hardly spoke to one another,” he said, adding that he often went to the workshop over the past 13 years to deliver four-wheel drive vehicles and small lorries for repairs.

The man said the mechanic had three big dogs at the workshop, apart from other intimidating canines and as a result, potential customers had to call the mechanic before arriving there.

“Only the mechanic could quieten the dogs down,” he said.- BERNAMA


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