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Mositun: Do not issued insensitive and provocative statements

PAPAR- The politicians need to hold themselves from issuing provocative statements and they are being insensitive if they want to unite the people in this country, said General Secretary of Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), Datuk Johnny Mositun.

According to him, a great leader will defend his stand in any contentious facts and reasonable cause and not only flying provocative and untrue words.

“It is worrying seeing the politicians issued statement that opposite to the ‘Rukun Negara’ and causing a feud between communities related to racial and religion issues. This matter needs to be stopped before it becomes uncontrollable,” he said in a media statement after making a personal donation of a sound system equipment (PA System) to Kg. Molonsi and K. Mandalipau church, here.

He who also the Deputy Speaker of State Legislative Assembly (DUN) said he is disturbed by insensitive statements by the leaders of both parties BN and opposition regarding on racial and religion issues during small election (PRK) campaign of Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar.

“The need to consider the consequences that may surface based on their statements towards the public. They need to refrain, tolerate and respect the feeling of the people in this state regardless race and religion,” he said.

He added, if the matter is not contained, Malaysia will be declining and setback as well as become a ‘fail country’.

In addition, he said the Private Propose Law presentation issue for Syariah Court Act (Criminal Jurisdiction) amendments 1965 and misunderstood by the people as ‘Hudud Propose Law’ that become a hot issue in this country.

“The people will talk about the matter because it is not only about religion but also constitution issue. It will leave an impact to all Malaysian especially in Sabah because we are a community whereas mixed marriage is normal and almost every family have the member of the different religion,” he said.

He said it is the best to let the Parliament resolve the issue in the best way for the sake of Malaysian as a whole.

“For the people of Sabah, I am sure the society in this entire state will continue the tradition to maintain good relationship and friendship regardless race and religion, of which the symbol of the people in Sabah. Never neglect this tradition. We need to always be thankful to have a country with the government that care and ensuring we practice and carry responsibility towards our religions,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mositun promised to contact the authority to rebuild the wooden bridge in Kampung Maliyuon that washed away by the heavy rain recently.

He said he was informed by the villagers that 50 children from about 50 families forced to go through three-kilometre forest path to reach SK kaiduan after the bridge destroyed due to the weather.

“To build the same bridge, it needs at least RM 200,00. I will contact the authority to solve this matter immediately,” he said after surveying the area.-SayangSabah


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