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More than 3,000 participants joined Sabah State UMNO Sport Carnival

KOTA KINABALU- There were 3276 participants from 25 team join the UMNO sport carnival on the state level that will be competing in 12 events. According to Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Hj. Aman, this sport carnival is not only to strengthen the relationship amongst the participants but also as one of the platforms to inculcate healthy culture apart from polishing talent of the youth.

“The youths is the priority to our country because they will inherit the leadership and continuously fighting to lead and develop the country.”

“Through the sport carnival, the youngster from all district will be gathered in a big family and at the same time will be able to inculcate the togetherness to strengthen UMNO,” he said during the press conference in conjunction with the UMNO Sports Carnival opening in the state level at Likas Sport Complex, here, today.

Meanwhile, during the inaugural speech in the ceremony, he said, UMNO will continue stand as a party that will prioritizing and fight for the people’s right because UMNO have a good record throughout its leadership.

“I believed we all will be unity and cooperate and the most important thing, through sport we could gather together in one big family.”

“We should avoid conflict from happening and always unity because if we have collaborated, we will manage to face whatever challenge in the future,” he said.

“Kita harus mengelakkan konflik daripada berlaku dan haruslah sentiasa bersatu padu kerana apabila kita sudah bekerjasama kita akan mampu menangani walau apa sahaja cabaran yang datang,”katanya.

In conjunction with the carnival, a registration centre will be opened for new voters to facilitate the youth who have not registered as voter.-SayangSabah


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