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More foreign nationals in Sabah prisons

Penjara Tawau
Penjara Tawau

TAWAU: About 58 per cent of the 6,500 detainees and inmates who are serving sentences for various offences in the six prisons
throughout Sabah are foreign nationals, said Sabah Prisons Director, Ab Basir Mohamad.

He said from the composition of foreign detainees and inmates, 78 per cent were Filipinos, 17 per cent Indonesians and five per cent from other countries.

“About 40 per cent of the Filipino detainees and inmates are serving sentences for drug offences while most of the Indonesians are detained for immigration offences,” he told reporters after officiating at an event in Tawau Prison, here today.

Ab Basir said prisons in Sabah were now filled beyond their capacity of 5,500 people.

“Currently, the prisons in Sabah have exceeded their capacity by 35 per cent.  In order to reduce congestion in the prisons, recently we transferred 200 Indonesian inmates to prisons in Sarawak and this transfer-of-prisoners programme will continue to be implemented in time to come,” he said.

“We also transferred inmates from Kota Kinabalu Prison to Labuan,” he added.

At the event, he advised all prison officials and personnel not to arbitrarily spread departmental information via social media.

Meanwhile, 77 prison officers and personnel from Tawau Prison received the  ‘Perkhidmatan Setia’ and ‘Perkhidmatan Am’ medals.-BERNAMA


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