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Monogit ceremony in Mesilou


KUNDASANG: A traditional appeasement ceremony for Mount Kinabalu’s Guardians will be held at the Kiram Resort in Mesilou Kundasang from Friday to Sunday this week.

The three day event dubbed ‘monolob-monogit’ to be held by the Dusun Tindal ethnic group of Kg Bangkahak Kota Belud will see a congregation of Tantagas and Dalus (priestesses and mediums) who will carry out the appeasement ceremony through incantations and offerings.

Friday, being the first day will be the mogorimpuun, momulangga kinoyonon (starting and clearing the site) and at 3pm they will be an appeasement ceremony where afterwards they will sacrifice six chicken and one goat, while freeing one fowl. The first day’s ceremony will end with the ‘Korindawanan do Tindarama Tantagas’.

On Saturday, they will start at noon, where incantations of pleas will be held, where they seek an audience with the lesser guardian (odu) to meet the Guardians (‘Aki’). This will result in a ‘meeting’ with ‘Aki’ with Odu or Lumodun. At this time two goats will be sacrificed.

Sunday will be the last day where the congregation will carry out an appeasement ceremony and a peace talk with the Guardians of the Mountain Aki Nabalu and Sumundu Nabalu will be carried out.

The ceremony will see the sacrifice of one pig which will result in the ceremony of ‘Peace accord with the word within and without”. This ceremony is expected to end at 12 noon.

Three ceremonies of this nature has been carried out so far. The initial ceremony was carried out by the Lotud of Tuaran, followed by the people of Kundasang at the Timpohon Gate at Kinabalu Parks. The other ceremony was carried out near Mamut, by the people of Ranau.

These ceremonies were carried out as an appeasement to the Guardians of the Mountain, after the earthquake in its vicinity on June 5, killed 18 people including children.

The people believed that the quake were signs that the Guardians were angered by lurid acts of tourists who stripped at the peak there a week or so before the earthquake.

After the earthquake, the villagers suffered mud floods and rock falls which destroyed homes and land adjacent to the rivers. Periodic tremours also occured. It was also believed that about 100 such tremours occured within the month of June.-Sayangsabah


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