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Media plays a role in nation building

President Joko Widodo
President Joko Widodo

LOMBOK:  Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s request that the media play a role in nation building must also be used as a guide by the Malaysian media.

Malaysian ambassador to Indonesia Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim said Jokowi had urged the Indonesian media to generate optimism via news and not to become a tool to disrupt the government’s efforts to develop the nation.

“I was attracted by the statement of President Jokowi on the role of the media, namely, to foster a spirit of national building and the Malaysian media should also use it as a guide,” he told reporters at the launch of the 2016 National Press Day here, today.

Zahrain headed a 12-member Malaysian media delegation to attend the National Press Day opening by Jokowi.

Among the delegates included Malaysia National News Agency (Bernama) Editor-In-Chief Datuk Zakaria Abdul Wahab and Information Department director-general Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman.

Jokowi in his speech, touched on several news headlines by the Indonesian media which he regarded as disconcerting.

He said the media should also follow suit in building optimism of society via news and not sow pessimism among the people.

Meanwhile, Zakaria said Jokowi’s admonishment was an important message to the media overall and it should be viewed in a broader perspective.

“Jokowi’s message is apt and should attract the attention of media practitioners in Malaysia too,” he said.

He also said Malaysian media practitioners annually attended National Press Day in Indonesia and this proved the close bilateral ties of the media of both countries.

The presence of Chief Editors and media practitioners from Malaysia had become a tradition since the 2013 National Press Day in Manado, North Celebes, Indonesia.

The National Press Day is an annual event to recognise media practitioners in Indonesia.- BERNAMA


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