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Matunggong residents want asphalted roads and clean water supply

Dato' Jelani Hamdan showing the dirt road
Dato’ Jelani Hamdan showing the dirt road

MATUNGGONG: A network of roads in Matunggong need to be repaired upgraded and asphalted to ensure that the residents in that area enjoy basic amenities on par with their counterparts nationwide.

State Assemblyman for that constituency Dato’ Jelani Hamdan during a visit with the media to Tagaroh and Mangaris as well as Tinagol and Tambuluran area yesterday showed a network of dirt roads, with occasional ponds in the middle.

The first stretch of dirt road inspected was through Kg.Indarason to Teringai Laut that showed villages and homes among palm plantations and banana groves.

“This stretch of 14-kilometre road goes through 14 villagers and caters to 5000 residents, who use it to travel to town to market their produce and to tend to personal matters among others,” he said adding that there were also schools in the villages.

According to him, the road condition was not conducive for travels especially during rainy weather as it would become slippery and pools would accumulate in potholes, causing mud grooves which were very inconvenient for smaller vehicles.

“Although the roads are upgraded they should be asphalted as well so that the people can travel to and fro in relative comfort. We want the relevant authorities especially the Public Works Department to look into it immediately. They should asphalt the roads especially the main ones, to ensure accessibility for the residents which include banana planters, rubber tappers and other sustenance farmers living in the villages,” he said.

Other roads inspected were from Kg Ratak through Kg Timug and Koindangan and Lotong, stretching a distance of 11 kilometres.

“A project to upgrade and asphalt this stretch of road was carried out in 2009.  However, after five years the works for this road has yet to be completed and no handover had ever been made to indicate its completion,” Jelani said.

“I believe a road this stretch would take about three years to construct but it is now 2015,” he said adding that the cost of the implementation was about RM20 million.

“I hope the Ministry concerned will look into this and take it really seriously. More than 10,000 people use this stretch of road.”

On another issue, he said the water supply problem to the villagers in Matunggong have been a sore point as about 60 percent of them were not enjoying clean tap water.

“It’s not water supply problem as the plant’s capacity here is 60 million MLD, and Matunggong consumption is only 6.5 MLD while Kudat use up about 25 MLD. This means the plant production is more than consumption.”

“One of the contributing factor to this is the tanks low pressure, but the main problem is that the residents could not afford to install metered water pipe lines into their homes. I therefore urge the relevant authorities to come up with a solution to this problem. They should look into subsidized pipe and meter for the people.”

Jelani stated that he had brought these matters up during the recent State Assembly sitting and as such the relevant authorities have been informed about the matter.-Sayangsabah


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