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Malaysia has diverse ethnic groups

 Tsang Hieng Yee.

Tsang Hieng Yee.

KOTA KINABALU: It is simply an act of ‘curry favor’ for Negeri Sembilan Menteri Beser Datuk Seri Mohammad Hassan to call on the Prime Minister to allocate all seats to Umno in the next general election.

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) youth chief Tsang Hieng Yee in a statement yesterday said the Malaysia of today is not created by a single race but instead, it was derived through the perfect combination of hard work, skills, knowledge and ideas of all Malaysians from different ethnicities.

“I totally agree to the response given by leaders from the component parties of BN pertaining to the suggestion of the Menteri Besar that the effective governance of a country does not depend on winning seats alone,” said Tsang.

On the contrary, he said the ingredients for a prosperous country are many which include, among others, social stability, economy advancement, hardworking and educated workforce, savvy entrepreneurs and investors, learned academicians and many other positive qualities.

“I condemn such arrogant suggestion of the Menteri Besar that will only break up Malaysians further and urge all Malaysians to embrace love and unity among each other at all times through cultivating compassion, respect and empathy among all of us and ensure that racial and religious extremism to have no place here,” stressed Tsang.-Sayangsabah



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