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Malaysia cooporate with the Indonesia, Philippine on the kidnapping issue

KOTA KINBALU – Malaysia will cooperate with the Philippine and Indonesia to find solution on kidnapping cases in the area of Sulu Sea.

Minister of Foreign Affair, Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said the solution will be discussed through a meeting that will be held with his Indonesian counterpart Retno Marsuadi and Philippine New Minister of Foreign Affair who will be appointed soon.

Anifah also said, his party was also planning to meet the New President of Philipine Rodrigo Duterte to discuss on the kidnapping issue.

“The government of Philippine need to be responsible on the kidnappin cases that committed by the citizen of the country causing the concern of Malaysia and Indonesia.”

“Thus, we hope foa a meeting between the foreign minister of all the nations will be held to dicuss the solution for this problem,” he told the media in Engagement and diplomacy Program as well as Iftar  with the Minister of Foreign Affair, here, last night.

He added the meeting will be held whether in Malaysia, Indonesia or Philippine to find  solution on the issue.

“The meeting is important to convince the public especially the tourists that concern on the safety factor to visit the east coast of Sabah. – SayangSabah


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