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Main Teri should be maintained as a form of art

Main Teri-mimbarkata.blogspot.my/
Main Teri-mimbarkata.blogspot.my

GEORGE TOWN: A ritual healing performance known as ‘Main Teri’, which is popular in Kelantan, should be promoted and developed to prevent
the art from extinction.

Istana Budaya production deputy director Rosnan Rahman said traditional performances such as ‘Mek Mulung, Mak Yong, Menora, Saba, Ulek Mayang and Main Puteri’ should be preserved by organising programmes to find new talents in the art.

“We do not want the art to be forgotten. It is not easy to look for new talents of ‘Main Puteri’. We, at the ministry, have to ‘neutralise’ any
controversial issues arising from cultural art performances,” he said.

He said this at a seminar, “Kearifan Tempatan, Pemeliharaan Kearifan Tempatan Dalam Amalam Pengubatan”, organised by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), here yesterday.

Main Puteri or ‘Main Teri’ is performed for treatment purposes in which the Tok Puteri, Tok Minduk and a group of musician called ‘panjak’ will carry out some ritual to treat patients.

Meanwhile, a ‘main teri’ performer, known as Tok Teri (a leader of a Main Teri group) Che Mohd Zailani Che Moh, 50, said the traditional performance was often used to treat diseases related to stress, depression, spirit possession and imbalanced energy.

He said through the ‘Main Teri’ performance, the spirit of the patient would be raised through songs and chants that have specific meaning.
Che Mohd Zailani, who is also known as Pak Mat Jedok, dismissed allegations that ‘Main Teri’ involved the use of bad spirits.

“Main Teri is used to treat diseases, which are unresponsive to modern medication,” he added.- BERNAMA


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