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Magahau postponed, concert is on

Jelani and Cita Citata
Jelani and Cita Citata

KOTA KINABALU:  The  culmination of the Rungus Festival Magahau which is supposed to be held on Monday July 27 have been postponed to a later date.

However, a charity concert will still be held on that day, at Kudat Tun Mustapha Community Hall where famous Indonesian Singer Cita Citata will belt out popular numbers which has attracted millions of hits in her YouTube video.

Several local singers from the Rungus Community will also show their vocal prowess during the event, spokesperson for the event Dato’ Jelani Hamdan who is the State Assemblyman for Matunggong, said.

“The concert will start at 7pm and we hope that the local community will come in and watch these talented artists,” he said adding that proceeds from the concert will be presented to victims of natural disasters as well as the SAMORA coffer.

On Sunday, July 26, Cita Citata will be at  1Borneo to meet her fans, from 3pm onward Jelani who is also SAMORA president said.

According to him, the culmination of the celebration which was launched in June 13, will be held in September although the actual date will be announced later.

He said at that time various interesting aspect of the Rungus traditions will be showcased for the first time to other communities as well as tourists.

According to him, the celebration  is an affirmation to the fact that Rungus has been recognised as a full ethnic group instead of a sub-ethnic group under the Kadazandusun umbrella.

“We were accorded this affirmation on February this year and to empathise our identity, we decided to celebrate this festival which is a ‘Mother’ of all Rungus Festivals,” he said adding that they have held this festival in 2009 and 2010 and it had evoked tremendous response from the public.

According to him,  better response from the public as well as tourists is expected as the festival has been listed in the Sabah Tourism Calendar of events.-  Sayangsabah



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