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Luncheon Talk with NGOs

Hanaa Wong Abdullah
Hanaa Wong Abdullah

KOTA KINABALU: A Luncheon Talk with non-governmental organizations (NGO) organized by MPWS wil be held this 1 August (Saturday) at Wisma Wanita Ballroom.

Its Women and Media Committee chairman, Hanaa Wong Abdullah, said the programme’s objective is to spread information on MPWS and Sabah Women Affairs Department (JHEWA) roles and functions to NGOs.

“Delivering facts on the roles and functions of the two organizations are important so that everyone especially NGOS will understand and prevent confusion regarding on MPWS and JHEWA, besides from giving women NGOs to close ties and create cooperations with women leaders in the state,” she said after the committee’s meeting at Wisma Wanita.

Various activities have been planned for the programme, including a talk session titled ‘Women and Media’ and a forum .

The forum will be paneled notable women leaders, including the state Attorney-General cum MPWS chairman, Datuk Mariati Robert, the state government Deputy Secretary (Administration), Datuk Asnimar Sukardi, MPWS Vice chairman, Datik Margaret Fung, Sabah Ministry of Community Development and Consumer Affairs Permanent Secretary, Datuk Siti Sapoo Ahok, and former MPWS chairman, Datuk Noni Said, while Prof. Madya Dr. Ramzah Dambul will be its moderator. – SayangSabah


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