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Local villagers want PATI out

The complainants
The complainants

KOTA KINABALU: Local residents of Kg. Sinulihan and Bambangan in Inanam are asking for the authorities to take immediate action to tackle the illegal immigrants problem at the area.

They also express their willingness to cooperate in identifying houses that are settled by illegal immigrants if the operation to eradicate PATI from their villages is carried out by the relevant enforcement agencies.

District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner M. Chandra, said the suggestion was made by the public during the PDRM programme with the community at Inanam Night Market.

“The public also requested for actions to be taken by the authority against local residents in Inanam who are found renting their premises to foreigners to do business,” he said today.

He also said issues such as crimes, traffic, and other matters were also discussed during the programme with IPD Kota Kinabalu.

“All suggestions and problems raised by the public will be channeled to the related agency or department for follow-up,” he added.

The public also took the opportunity during the programme to check their traffic summonses, where two individuals have paid their due, while10 others have registered as Rakan Amanita. – SayangSabah


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