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Local man fined RM1,000 for drunk driving

9:44pm 18/01/2016 Raimrod Usop 3 views Crime & Court,Local


KOTA KINABALU: A local man was fined RM1,000 in default two weeks jail by the Magistrate Court, today, for drunk driving.

Kihong Elang Lumaua, 64, pleaded guilty before Magistrate Jessica Ombou Kakayun, for the offense he committed at Kg. Ketiau, Tomboyo, in front of Sk Tansau, at 2.15am in 28 May last year.

Kihong was charged under Section 45A91) of the Road Transportation Act 1987 which carries the punishment of up to RM6,000 fine, or twelve months jail.

According to the case fact, Kihong was caught by traffic police personnel in the same day and was found driving under alcohol influence.

In mitigation, Kihong who was unrepresented pleaded for a minimum fine.

Insp. Isfandiar Dr. Japri prosecuted. -SayangSabah

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