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LDP condemn Ismail Sabri


KOTA KINABALU: Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) youth strongly disagrees and condemn Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob warning to MCA and Gerakan not to interfere to the hudud issue as it doesn’t affect the non-Muslim.

Its youth chief Tsang Hieng Yee in a statement, said with utmost respect, plea to Datuk Seri to step down as a Minister and to let a more suitable person to take up the post for the sake of Malaysians, particularly, the young generations.

“It is as though his call for the Bumiputra to boycott the businesses of the Chinese has not created enough trouble and chaos, he is now back with something capable of doing greater damage and calamity. Through all the damaging remarks made by him, BN component parties will have a hard time to win back the people’s support,” he said.

His remark has not only conclusively demonstrated his ignorance and insensitivity to the real and overall historical setup of Malaysia but has also proven his incomprehension of or inability to comprehend the hudud issue that is going on now. LDP Youth, or any other competently minded Malaysian can easily point out 101 reasons as to why the implementation of hudud law in Kelantan would affect the non-Muslims.

Among others, at the risk of being overly emphasised and overly reiterated, it has been stated again and again that (i) hudud is inconsistent to the Federal Constitution. Any law that goes against the Federal Constitution will be unlawful, thus shall affect all Malaysians. Further, (ii) hudud law is difficult to implement and to monitor in multi-cultural and multi-religious Malaysia, particularly when there are crimes which may involve both Muslim and Non- Muslim at the same time. (iii) Thirdly, hudud law does not augur well with our country’s stance in upholding moderate governance, which plays an important role in securing foreign investment. (iv) Fourthly, it violates the Malaysia Agreement and the very foundation of theformation of Malaysia as a sovereign nation.-Sayangsabah


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