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KPPKSB to help government pensioners

Datuk Wilfred Lingam
Datuk Wilfred Lingam

KOTA KINABALU; Retirees of Sabah government are urged to make an application to become members of Sabah Government Pensioners Cooperative Association Berhad (KPPKSB) to help them in their economic needs.
The president of Sabah Government Pensioners Association, Datuk Wilfred Lingham, said KPPKSB is prepared to help and provide for the welfare and wellbeing of government retirees in the state.
 “Most of the government pensioners will retire by returning to their hometown and working on their lands. There are some who will work as bus drivers and other jobs but their incomes are uncertain,” he said to the media, here today.
According to him, they will gain various benefits from their membership in KPPKSB, besides from having the opportunity to venture business and investment sector.
He added that the government pensioners will not be able to cover their monthly expenditures with their monthly pension funds which is only 60 percent from their former monthly salaries.
 “Due to this problem, KPPKSB is taking the initiative to help them with economic instability,” he said.
Wilfred said, various programmes have been organized by KPPKSB including the ‘Hidupkan Pendengaran Anda’ programme for the government pensioners.
A government retiree can become a member by filling out their membership form and paying its registration fee of RM100, he added. - SayangSabah


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