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Kidnap victim spends time with family

10:24pm 09/11/2015 Ann Vivien 11 views Crime & Court,Local


Thien (left) us free while

Thien (left) is free while Then is still captive

SANDAKAN:  Thien Nyuk Fun, the kidnap victim who was released by her captors in the southern Philippines yesterday, spent some time meeting with family members today.

Thien, a 50-year-old restaurant manager, was one of two people who were abducted from the Ocean King Restaurant in Sandakan last May. The other victim was customer Bernard Then Ted Fen, 39, from Sarawak.

Checks at a restaurant owned by Thien’s family in IJM Batu 6 at 7pm today saw Thien meeting with family members and employees at the place.

The restaurant was recently opened, after the old one had ceased operating after  the kidnapping incident took place.

Thien was not avaialble for interview as one of her family members said she wanted to spend time with her family.

“Thien is not ready to meet (reporters) yet, come again tomorrow if she is ready to see you,” said the family member. Thien was released at 10pm yesterday, and arrived here around 7am today by boat from Jolo, in the southern Philippines. She was then taken by family members to receive treatment at a private clinic here.- BERNAMA

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