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Kidnap and murder case of three Filipino children untrue

Gambar-gambar viral
Gambar-gambar viral

KOTA KINABALU: The alleged kidnap and murder case involving three Filipino children found in Sapanggar and Kg. Delima Sembulan is found to be untrue.

The police recently deny the statement made in the social media by a Facebook user, Radzlan Razz, who posted the news 3 November ago, and claimed the suspect’s identity has become viral. The post received several likes and comments from other Facebook users.

District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner M. Chandra, said stern action will be taken against individuals or irresponsible group who spread inaccurate information.

He also advises the public to find confirmation from the police before spreading or posting any news in the social media.

‘The police asks for the owner of the Facebook account for Radzlan Razz to come forward to any police station to give his statement and we also want those who knows his identity  to give information to the police to help with the investigation,” he said.

The case is investigated under Section 233 of the Communication and Multimedia Act. –SayangSabah



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