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Karate benefit children

Young athletes during the event Picture by Alex Mairin
Young athletes during the event
Picture by Alex Mairin

KOTA KINABALU – Karate has multifold advantages toward children and parents should encourage their children to participate in the martial arts sport.

Deputy Director-General (Corporate) Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK), Bahari Hassan said Karate training from a young age could help youngster become self-reliant and disciplined.

Karate tournaments could also improve the children self-esteem since competitive sport help to build character.

“I believe that Karate as a form of sport will nurture children become independent, discipline and confident individuals in future.

At the same time, encouraging children’s participation in sporting event activities will help them to occupy their time with a healthy lifestyle, thus preventing them from getting involved in unhealthy activities such as smoking, drinking, and drug abuse.

According to the Coach of Kanazawa-Ryu Shotokon Karate-Do for children in Tawau, Thien Nyuk Luk children will benefit from karate sport as it would improve their physical and mental health.

“The children learn to exercise regularly several times a week, which is a useful lifetime habits.”

“It will result in balancing blood pressure and circulation, lowering the cholesterol level and build flexible muscles and joints.”

“Not only that, they learn to handle only one task at a time in training when giving 100% commitment of the mental energy to settle the task at hand,” he added.

Bahari said they will strive to ensure the children are given the opportunity to practice Karate in schools, community centers or private institutions in order to mould the young on becoming a role model of citizen through Karate sports.-By Saila Saidie/Sayangsabah



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