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Perodua Kancil collided with 6 Tons lorry, man injured

5:28am 08/06/2016 Nur Syafathin Mohd Yadi 8 views Beaufort,Breaking News,Local

BEAUFORT- A man was severely injured involving in a road accident that happened in Kampung Melalugus, here, this morning.

The victim was injured for caught on the Kancil type of vehicle carrying the victim after collided with a six tons lorry.

The Fire Department received the information on the incident at 9.10 Am and arrived at the 9 kilometre location at 9.17 Am.

The operation was led by PPGB Runzee Bin Thani with six other officers successfully removed the injured victim and sent him to the hospital to receive further treatment while the lorry driver was not injured.

The operation ended at 9. 44 Am.-SayangSabah

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