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Kaamatan made Sabah a preferred tourist’s destination

KOTA KINABALU-“Kaamatan festival is one of the original celebration from Sabah as well as celebrated at the national level and we as the citizen of this state should support and enliven the festival.”

Thus, the expression of Malaysian Minister of Communication and Multimedia, Datuk Seri Dr. Salleh Said Keruak, speaking on the inauguration of closing ceremony of Kaamatan Festival Kota Kinabalu City Hall level at Padang Merdeka, here, today.

According to Salleh, this festival that earlier was celebrated at village level, now are celebrated until the national level and also celebrate by entire society.

“The original Sabah festival is one of the tourist attraction that could be the main platform to highlight the culture of community in Sabah.”

“The Ministry of Communication will always support such celebration because it is not only a medium to highlight the culture of Sabah but also play a role as an agent to unity,” he said.

He added special allocation was also given to the Kota Kinabalu city hall to provide the facility of free Wi-Fi in order to make the city comparable to other cities.

“We will discuss more on the efforts to develop the city area to be one of the tourist concentration in the state so that it will continue to be tourist attraction and facilitate us all,” he said.-SayangSabah


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