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Jonathan launches ‘Apa Macam’

7:57pm 13/12/2015 Raimrod Usop 8 views Entertainment,Local

Altimet and Jonathan Tse (right)

KOTA KINABALU: After eight years in the music industry, Jonathan Tse, a Sabah-born from Labuan, finally comes out with his first song in Malay language, titled ‘Apa Macam’.

In the past Jonathan has produced other songs which have been on air in several English radio stations, including the ‘Boleh Bah Kalau Kau’.

‘Apa Macam’ is composed by Jonathan Tse with the collaboration of Altimet, and produced by Paranormal Records in Kuala Lumpur, a label under Ayda Jebat.

When asked about fans’ response for the latest song, Jonathan hopes that they will appreciate and give positive response for his piece.

“This song has simple lyrics for fans to easily remember, even if it’s the first time for them to hear it,” he said.

Paranormal Records is a subsidiary of the Paranormal Group, along with Paranormal Talents, a talent management company which has moulded several well-known artists such as Elizabeth Tan, Ayda Jebat, Nelydia Senrose, Chacha Ma’embong, Erin Malek, Sazzy Falak, Yasmin Hani, Sara Ali, Mia Sara, and Adeline Tsen. -SayangSabah


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