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Jailed for stealing ‘tudung’

9:59pm 25/11/2015 Raimrod Usop 1 views Crime & Court,Local


TAWAU: A foreigner  was sentenced to seven months jail by the Magistrate Court for stealing seven hijabs from a boutique.

Hashim Jurupais, 52, received the sentence from Magistrate Mohd Harith Mohd Mazlan after he admitted guilty for stealing the items from Uniar Mohd Terang at Image Shop, Sabindo Plaza, around 9.45am in 16 November.

He stole the items which were put in front of the shop and ran away through the stairs but successfully caught by passersby when the security guard who saw his act shouted for help.

The accused who was then handed to the police also suffered injury on his lips due to the beatings by the public.

Hashim was charged under Section 380 of the Penal Code which carries a punishment of up to 10 years jail and a fine, upon conviction.

Insp. Zakariah Kirinu prosecuted. -SayangSabah

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