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Jailed for owning dangerous weapon

12:30am 09/12/2015 Raimrod Usop 2 views Crime & Court,Local


TAWAU: A foreigner was sentenced to five years jail and one caning by the Magistrate Court today for owning arrows and flying feather-type slingshot.

Mohd Irwandi Rahmad, 32, admitted guilty  to the offense in front of Magistrate Ferhanshah Farene Mohd Ferdaus, for possessing dangerous weapon without a valid permit at 1.10am in 24 November last year, at Jalan Habib Sheikh, Sabindo.

He was also ordered to be referred to the Immigration Department upon the completion of his sentence.

Irwandi is punished under Section 6(10 of the Corrosive and Explosive Substances and Offensive Weapons Act (Amendment 2014) which carries a punishment of five to ten years jail and caning, if found guilty.

Insp. Zakariah Kirinu prosecuted. -SayangSabah

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