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Investigate the culprits behind high prices of goods: CAPS

James Baga of CAPS
James Baga of CAPS
KOTA KINABALU: Consumer Affairs and Protection Society (CAPS)  urge the relevant authority to investigate parties raking in profits through unscrupulous means.
Its President, James Baga said, traders should reduce their prices of goods since the price of oil has been reduced twice.
 “It is strange when the oil price soared, every business owners set their prices high with the excuse of increasing oil cost but when the oil price went down, they refuse to decrease their prices,” he said when contacted yesterday.
“Maybe it is the suppliers, manufacturers, stockists, distributors, or retailers… we do not know which party is the perpetrator in increasing or unwilling to reduce prices,” he added.
In this respect he called for an  investigation by the relevant authorities to identify the culprit behind the matter.
He also appealed to business owners to be considerate  and reasonable by reducing prices of goods due to the decrease of oil price.
 “Traders are also consumers, so they should put themselves in their (consumers) shoes so they can feel the burden  by consumers when faced with raise in price of goods and services. “he said. –SayangSabah


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