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International conference on IS threat proposed

Datuk Tawfiq
Datuk Tawfiq

KOTA KINABALU: UMNO Sabah proposed for an international conference on IS threat involving all state religious bodies and NGOs to be held in the near future.

During the recent UMNO General Assembly, Tawau UMNO Chief, Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan, said Jakim, state religious departments, Malaysian Education Ministry, Yadim, and Islamic NGOs in state and district levels to be briefed and mobilize to explain the public, especially in rural areas on IS threat through seminar, takmir classes, and firday sermons.

He also said relevant departments should use their funds to carry out the programmes.

“By providing skills to identify IS members who disguise themselves to enter the country to personnel guarding the entrance into the country, this problem can be solved,” he said.

UMNO Sabah also recommends for the government, specifically the Education Minister to empower public schools nationwide and close the gap in education quality and facilities between rural and urban areas, especially in Sabah.

“UMNO Sabah does not want to hear anymore about rundown schools with high risks for fire, unsafe, and other things. All these should be monitored continuously and immediate action must be taken without waiting for communities or parents to complain, or to wait for tragedy to happen,” he added.

He also stressed for the quality of teachers to be improved in term of human resource development where they can uphold the challenges in gearing up the nation’s achievement in the future. –SayangSabah



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